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On April 25, 1853, the South Side's Grand Crossing neighborhood was the site of an historic transportation first. What was it?

Grand Crossing was the site of what's considered the first U.S. railroad disaster. A collision between the Michigan Central and the Michigan Southern intercity trains killed 22 German emigrants.

John Werner was the first with the right answer. Sorry for the delay in posting the answer -- the Ride has been out sick, but antibiotics put me back in business.

The Illinois Tollway has formed a "Tollway Transition Team," which includes members from business, transit agencies, and non-profits to provide advice to the Tollway for its future planning.

"With this team we"ll work to refocus on the customer and the communities that we serve," said Illinois Tollway Executive Director Kristi Lafleur.

The team will work with Lafleur, the newly appointed head of the Tollway, and staff to create a report framing a direction for the agency over the next year and beyond, according to the Tollway.

The team, which will work without pay, will be headed by Dave Mosena, CEO of the Museum of Science and Industry and former city aviation commissioner.

Other members include Jacky Grimshaw, CTA board member and VP of policy at the Center for Neighborhood Technology; RTA Chair Jim Reilly; Illinois Chamber of Commerce CEO Doug Whitley; and Howard Learner, head of the Environmental Law and Policy Center.

At the time of her appointment earlier last month, Lafleur said she expects the Tollway in the future will be exploring the use of high occupancy vehicle and bus rapid transit lanes to reduce congestion.

The Chicago mayor who promoted himself on campaign posters as "Not the Champion Cyclist; But the Cyclists' Champion" was Carter H. Harrison II. He attributed his victory to strong support from cyclists and created a bike path along Sheridan Road.

Several people had the right answer, but Walter Brzeski was first, so I'll be sending him his prize.

Bicycling Magazine named Chicago 10th best city for cycling, citing Mayor Daley as a strong proponent. Another Chicago mayor promoted himself as "the Cyclists' Champion." Who was it? The first person with the correct answer gets a Sun-Times umbrella. Please include your full name and town and a way to reach you, so I can get you your prize!

The Ike Stories

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The Eisenhower/Congress Bridge/Lower Wacker Drive construction starts today -- and the first two weeks are expected to be the worst as people get adjusted. The Ride is curious about your ride. How did it go?

I'm out of town today (far, far from the Eisenhower) but I'll be checking the blog as soon as I can. So if you don't see your comment posted right away -- don't fret, it should be up by Friday.

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