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Those Crazy Male Drivers

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The "crazy lady driver" is a myth, according to a range of research on driving habits of men and women. The research suggests that you're better off riding with a woman than with a man, because while women are slightly more likely to get into accidents, men are more likely to get into fatal traffic accidents, according to Eric Morris' "Freakonomics" blog from the New York Times site.

The article cites research that men are more likely to disobey traffic laws, and are four times more likely than women to drive drunk. Men also are more likely to honk their horns, drive fast, and in general show more aggression on the road, according to the article.

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The slow people, often women/older people/disabled, who drive below the speed limit are most likely the cause for men to drive recklessly - did you study the impact of that????

Yes, men get into accidents because they choose to act recklessly. Women cannot choose, they are just bad at driving.

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