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Your Questions About CTA Cuts

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Service cuts to the CTA are coming Feb. 7 -- 18 percent to bus service and 9 percent to rail service. Nine express routes will be cut, and 41 bus routes will have shorter hours. Service will be affected on all 7 rail routes and 119 bus routes, with less frequent runs. CTA officials today said to expect fuller buses and trains and longer waits.

Rail customers can expect an additional one or two minutes for a train during rush hour, generally two to five minutes longer during off-peak periods. Bus riders can expect an additional two to five minutes between buses during weekday rush periods, and two to eight minutes during off-peak hours. During very late evening hours, there may be an additional 10-15 minutes between buses.

Do you have any questions on how this will affect you? I'll try to answer them.

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And people wonder why Chicago was eliminated from the Olympic bid,

Hi Joseph -

I ride the 151 and do not own a car in this city. Unfortunately, after Feb 7, there is always a line at my bus stop. Despite them having two buses following each other, I can never get on the bus because it is too full. The buses also seem to be coming every 15 minutes, which is a big change from what I experienced before the cuts.

Perhaps we should be looking at the government and the Unions to provide more funding for public transit, instead of making informationless statements about cutting this line or that. If they cut the 151, my only alternative is to purchase a car and drive to work, which is neither good for the environment nor the city of Chicago's potholes.

I think it is ridiculous the the government can't provide more funding for one of our most important resources, which is tied to people getting to work, finding jobs that they can get to, and students getting to school. Since they take a towncar or private jet to Springfield, they don't understand how important it is.

By Jamaal on February 4, 2010 9:35 PM

what are some alternatives to the cta cuts?

Personally, I am looking for that nice used car the little old church lady drove only to the grocery store, to church and to the doctor's office, and now that she has failing eye sight, she is trying to sell it.

Thanks for the map of the cuts; it shows how they disproportionately impact the southern and western reaches of the city, all of them lower income areas of the city. I think the CTA should be brave and cut the the 2, the 3, the 151, the 152, the 22 and some of the other high income lines so everyone suffers. (They should also be brave enough to cut management staff/salaries, but I guess those wall street bonuses create precedent for not doing so).
It takes deep pockets and law degrees to fight city hall, and if those folks felt the pinch I'll bet they'd find the money somewhere.

Hi, Jamaal,

Alternatives include: the unions giving concessions on wages or work rules, the CTA making more cuts in management, and/or the state coming up with some more money. The unions will be meeting with Mayor Daley this afternoon to try to work something out. Stay tuned.

what are some alternatives to the cta cuts?

I think the CTA would be better off not trying to be all things to all people. My bus will no longer run in the middle of the night and I heard some college student say that he may walk home now when he goes drinking up north - big deal! They must run a lot of empty buses, what would be wrong with a more cost-effective system?

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