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Invasion of the Bodyscanners

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Last week, Chicago Aviation Commissioner Rosemarie Andolino let us know that full body-scanners are coming to O'Hare sometime in the first half of this year. The kind of body-scanners to be used will cost the Transportation Security Administration $190,000 each.

This article questions why we're spending all this money on new machines, when we could be spending it on greater intelligence weapons to find terrorists before they walk through the airport.

What do you think? Is all this new equipment a waste? Or do we need to do everything and anything to keep bad guys off the planes?

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Another example of the american disease, picking a complex, expensive solution for even the most simple problem. I predict the scanners will malfunction regularly and will prove ineffective in catching or deterring terrorists.
I don't believe for a minute that those photos will be deleted; I think they'll become part of our permanent record. I expect to see websites with "funny" or "gross" body scans by the end of the year. For people whose suffer from an unflattering scan, there's always private jets. The rest of us will just have to diet and exercise.

These Sex machines totally ruined my life. I went trough one of those peepshow devils and I had to live with it for the last two years.If I did not have have a Familt to support I would kill myself .My Dignity ,my Pride ,MY honor is gone.
Thank You Devil Amsterdam Airport


Despite numerous chances to do so, airport security has yet to stop a terrorist on a flight to, from, or within the US. During the past ten years however good police work in numerous countries has stopped or disrupted several terrorist plots. And I don't buy the scanner company's declaration that the images can't be saved. If they can be viewed they can be captured on a cell phone. The only sure-fire way to provide privacy is to not create the image.

my thing is what if the security dude is a perv and doesnt delete the photo's not real worried about me I'm grown but what about teenage girls, young children etc... oh and this last incident the man went thru a full body scanner in Amsterdam and IT DIDNT HELP!!!!!!!!!! They have already told us if an object is hid in the body it cant be detected I believe he had it IN his body and that answers to why he was in the bathroom for so long....not too hard to figure this stuff out....can a bomb be made inside a tampon?????

Body scanners are a waste of our money and our time! The problem is not within the states... the problem is within the other countries that have flights coming in to the states.

Silly "security theater." Once again, we will be scanning everybody, including Swedish grandmothers and five-year-olds when we know full well the demographic we should be checking. Spend the money on improved intelligence to keep them off the planes to begin with, which should have happened in this case.

I would like cut out small letters from aluminum foil and tape them on my chest under my tee shirt spelling out what they can do with their scanners. "Something you" or similar verbiage. It would be hilarious on the screen but would probably get me pulled aside by minimum-wage fascists so they could "axe" me questions for three hours and then charge me with some kind of chicken**** violation.

Amerika. Gotta love it...

Ha Ha...can you imagine the first time Oprah or Rosie O' Donnell passes thru one of these things ?

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