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Ride Trivia Quiz Answer

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When the world's first international urban-planning conference was held in New York in 1898, it was dominated by a seemingly unsolveable transportation issue that seemed to threaten city life. Finding no solution to the problem, the conference broke up a week early. What was the problem?

The answer was horse manure, which had become so abundant farmers were no longer hauling enough of it away for fertilizer, so it got stacked in vacant lots. This problem cleared up in subsequent years due to the rise in the use of the automobile and the subway. J. Mladek was the first with the right answer. If I can get a t-shirt size and an address, I can send out the prize.

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Mary, I don't know the answer to your question. But I would like to talk about something now that we are getting snow and cold weahter in Chicago.

To all bus patrons who stand at stops where multiple buses arrive, please wave the Mass Transit Driver by with a nod of the head or a wave of the gloved hand. Personally, some of you have terrible body language and the goofy look as to why the driver is stopping does not help.

It is there job to stop and pick up passengers at each stop along their route. But if it is a route where two or more buses pick up passengers and the upcoming bus is not the one you are waiting on, simply wave the bus by instead of having it stop, open the doors and then not only the driver, but the passengers and you are staring at one another blankly as to why you won't get on the bus.

Mary, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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