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Winter biking begins

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I got started today on my pledge to keep biking through below-freezing temperatures.

I headed out today with long underwear under my jeans, a long-sleeved t-shirt, a vest, a cotton scarf for my head under my helmet, and a lined windbreaker. I haven't been able to find a light-colored windbreaker or safety vest in my thrift store searches, so I also packed an oversized white t-shirt to put over my black windbreaker when I ride at night. I'll look like a goof, but at least I'll be visible. The search for a white or yellow windbreaker continues.

The morning was bright, blue and seasonably but not unpleasantly cold -- I was glad I rode.

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1 Comment

You can wear a reflective safety vest. They are made expandable and to be worn over your regular coat.

You're brave to brave the cold like that. My bike is in til Spring.

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