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Ride Trivia Quiz Answer

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This week's question was: This week marks the anniversary of one of the worst Great Lakes shipping disasters. The gales of November came early. What was it?

The answer is the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald, which took place Nov. 10, 1975, killing all 29 on board. Until 1971, the Fitzgerald had been the largest vessel in the Great Lakes fleet. It had been carrying a load of taconite from Wisconsin. The sinking was memorialized by Gordon Lightfoot in the song 'The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald."

Several people got the right answer, but Laura Williams of Woodridge was the first both to answer AND give me a way to reach her so I could give her her prize. So congratulations to Laura, and if she can e-mail her t-shirt size, I can get it out to her.

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November 10 - Edmund Fitzgerald Memorial Service
. A memorial service for the men lost on the Edmund Fitzgerald was held on
November 10 at Dr. Henri Belanger Park in River Rouge, Mi.
The service will be held near the Mariners Memorial Lighthouse beginning at 6:00 p.m.
The tug boat will be on hand to take out a wreath to be placed on the river.
The service will feature a plaque presentation, bell ringing, lantern lighting,
and refreshments will be served.

The service was at River Rouge Michigan on the Detroit River next to where the ship was
built at the slips and on the other side is where Zug Island is located.

A Special
Edmund Fitzgerald
Open House

Was open to the pubic from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm at the River Rouge Historical Museum

River Rouge Historical Museum
10750 W. Jefferson Ave.
River Rouge, Michigan 48218
(Formerly Gallagher Funeral Home)

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