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Chicagoans Must Dial 11 for RTA

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People with 312 or 773 area codes calling the Regional Transportation Authority's travel hotline must now dial 11 digits. Residents from these area codes should dial 312 then 836-7000 when calling for travel directions, according to the RTA.
Callers outside those area codes but within the RTA's regional service area can continue to dial the 7-digit number, 836-7000.
The change comes after the recent installment of the new Chicago area code 872.
This new rule was supposed to start Saturday. The Ride tried both the 7-digit and the 11-digit number from a 312 number at 11 a.m. Saturday -- and both got through. RTA spokeswoman Diane Palmer said the new protocol may kick in later in the day.

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To make this process efficient, input all phone numbers with the numeral one with the area code and the following seven digit numbers.

I state this because when I first heard the news of the change, I thought I would spend at least twenty to thirty minutes completing the process.

I only had to add the area code to two numbers. Why? When anyone gives me their number, I automatically ask for the area code and input it with the seven digit number. All the long distance numbers I had programmed already had the required eleven digits. By the way, I went back and added the one to every number as well.

I rather delete than constantly add something.

Some times we have have to think ahead of technology. Remember the looming crisis of 2000K?

I learned a lesson and remembered it.

Time spent, less than five minutes.

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