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Fare hike talk on TV, radio

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I'll be on Channel 11's "Week in Review" tonight at 7 p.m., and on WLS-AM 890's "Connected to Chicago with Bill Cameron" at 2 p.m. Sunday talking about transit fare hikes. You can also read about them here.

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A lot of seniors thought the free ride program was unnecessary. I think going back to half fares would sell to the public and probably achieve the same results as reduced fare by income. What are we going to do, bring our tax return to the Metra station when we have our picture taken?

I am a senior with an RTA ride free card. I have used it for one round trip downtown in 2 yrs. I'm sure that many people that applied for it have never used it.
I don't know about how the buses and other trains involved, but Metra doesn't keep track of it's free riders, at least they didn't when I traveled downtown. Do they scan the cards? Who keeps the records?
If Gov Quinn is going by the number issued vs used, I don't think he has a correct count. BLAME THE SENIORS!!! That's the name of the game.
What about the expense to pay for the employees and paperwork involved to find out if you're a senior in need? Will those expenses be taken out of another fund??
Is the found monies for college students coming from the pensions and benefits being cut?
Come on, it's just another political ploy to win him friends and votes, just a Balagio (as I call him) did in issuing the passes.
Yes, I'm mad, and I just won't take it anymore

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