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A cheer for the CTA

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I just returned from visiting relatives in the Toronto area. I usually expect the cities of other countries to have superior transit to the United States -- because that's the cranky way I think. And Toronto's transit system is decent -- it has nice clean street cars, buses and subway stations.

BUT -- you have to take the bus to Pearson International Airport. See this site. If you can't spare the time for the bus, you have to cab it, and depending on where you're coming from, a cab ride can be fearsomely expensive. According to " Canada Travel," getting to downtown Toronto from Pearson by public transportation takes 1.5 to 2 hours. A cab ride costs $40 to $50, plus tip. To get to Toronto's little downtown airport, on an island, you have to take a ferry.

This made me stop and appreciate what we have here -- we can take the L to BOTH airports. Which is very convenient and very cool. The line to O'Hare opened in 1984, the line to Midway in 1993. So take a moment to be grateful, Chicagoans. Then you can go back to your regularly scheduled complaining.

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Love to see change and hopefully good things will happen. I love to visit Chicago and love the tall buildings and transportation system.
Benigna Torviso-Marko

Transit lines are so important for the development of communities. Hopefully, things will not get lost in the transition and in fact, hopefully things will get better. I know that with all the grants and opportunities available from the federal government, this should shift the focus nd make it happen.
Benigna Marko

As done in other cities, perhaps a particular tax to increase ridership and boost the CTA is warranted at this time. We have travelled many places from Atlanta to Europe and everything cost money and the riders are willing to pay. Especially those weekly passes as in Atlanta and New York. CTA has to cover its cost or cut back on staff and on service. I hope you can resolve your issues especially with your top two gone.
Benigna Marko

The solution is Personal Rapid Transit (PRT)

Phil, I know it will come as a great shock to you, but there are a few million other people in Chicago besides yourself. I'm sorry that in 50+ years you've only been to the airports a few dozen times, but many of us actually have very full schedules that require us to fly - frequently - to other places.

Mary is right - it is a plus that we have an el that goes to both airports. Though O'Hare - the airport and the el line - is so crowded and often runs so poorly that I choose, whenever possible, to go to Midway, which has a smoother arrival/departure record and an el that's a shorter trip from the city.

I love Toronto and have been on their subway, which is far superior to the CTA's trains in many ways. But even the locals acknowledge that the one major negative of the Toronto Transit Commission is that there is no subway to Pearson. However, there is a second airport that's an alternative. It's on the island and is a short ferry ride to downtown Toronto.

Actually, Phil, you do come off as a bit cranky in response to a very real issue. There are hundreds of Chicagoans who work at the airports who benefit daily from the direct train service and it keeps their cars off the roads since they have this alternative. And many out-of-town friends are amazed at the amount of service offered by the CTA, not just to and from the airports but also that there is some service 24 hours a day instead of it all shutting down at night. Whatever your personal beefs with the CTA, it does offer more service than in many other major U.S. cities and there's nothing "worthless" about mentioning it.

Of course, some people get back to their regularly scheduled complaining sooner than others.

Absolute worlthless commentary by Mary Wisniewski. How often does the average Chicagoan travel to Midway or O'Hare? I've lived here for 53 years and have been to the airports a couple dozen times, at most. The pain the CTA inflicts on this city is not eased by the notion of rapid transit to it's airports.

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