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Slow Zone Blue(s)

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Construction work on the Blue Line continues this weekend. Rail service will be suspended from Clark/Lake to Western/Milwaukee starting at 10 p.m. Friday until 4 a.m. Monday. Shuttle buses will substitute for rail service. As always, customers are advised to allow extra travel time.

Anyone avoiding the Blue Line on weekends because of this? A couple of times this summer when I wanted to go downtown on a Sunday I used my car, because I didn't want to deal with the shuttle bus shuffle. Or else I just decided not to go.

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Every time I think about going downtown on the weekend, I remember that I would have to ride a shuttle bus. So I don't go. Simple as that.

Yes! I have avoided the blue line on weekends. I wanted to go downtown with my son (a toddler in a stroller) and it is just too much of a pain to do so with the shuttle shuffle. I have done it, and kudos to my bus driver who let me off early at a non-scheduled stop with my son. The shuttles are overpacked and unsafe. When is the shuttle shuffle going to be done?

I've been avoiding trips northwest from downtown because of this, or taking my bike if it was a close enough destination. Several friends on the northwest side have avoided downtown trips this summer due to the construction. Those who have tried the trip with the shuttle bus have been extremely frustrated because the trip took twice as long.

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