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Today's question was: What rock band changed its name as a result of threatened legal action by a public transit agency? The answer is "Chicago," a band originally known as the Chicago Transit Authority. The CTA objected, so the name got changed. Terry Mankus is a fan of the band and the first with the right answer.

The Infrastructurist has a story about great train stations that were demolished and replaced with either ugly junk or nothing. Two of them were in Chicago -- Grand Central Station and Central Station. Follow this link

Blues Fest gave us a break from the weekend Blue Line suspension, but it's back this weekend
CTA Blue Line service will be suspended this weekend between Clark/Lake and Western/Milwaukee for track replacement work.
Bus shuttles will operate as a substitute for rail service between 10 p.m. Friday and 4 a.m. Monday. Riders should allow for extra time.
Workers will be replacing deteriorated wooden half ties with concrete half ties, and replacing running and third rails.

Today's trivia quiz question was: What Chicago avenue shares its name with one of the city's chief sports rivals? Don Beyla was the first person to name Packers Avenue, and was even able to tell where it was (in the old Stockyards district). If Don can send me his address and t-shirt size, through the blog, I can send him his prize.

Kathy Schubert, featured in today's Ride column, exhibits on her web site bike helmets that saved heads.

The Chicago Transit Authority is inviting the public to one last meeting this month to receive input on the latest analysis and a recommended locally preferred alternative for the CTA's proposed extension of the Dan Ryan branch of the Red Line from 95th Street. A presentation will begin at 6:15 p.m at Woodson Regional Library at 9525 South Halsted in Chicago.

The proposed extension would relieve bus and passenger congestion at CTA's existing 95th Red Line station and better manage future traffic growth, according to the CTA.

The Federal Transit Administration's New Starts program requires transit project proposals to proceed through a process of planning, design and construction. The FTA process consists of five formal steps: Alternatives Analysis, Environmental Impact Statement, Preliminary Engineering, Final Design and Construction. The Alternatives Analysis study is designed to examine all the transit options available and determine a locally preferred alternative.

John Paul Jones, an organizer with the Developing Communities Project, said he expects a good crowd, considering the wide support for the extension in the community.

Today's Ride trivia question is "What train leaves the Pennsylvania Station at 3:45?" The answer is The Chattanooga Choo-Choo ("You leave the Pennsylvania Station 'bout a quarter to four/Read a magazine and then you're in Baltimore..."

The first person to both have the correct answer AND send me his full name and address was Frank Mason. So Frank gets the prize. Lots of people got this answer -- must be a lot of Glenn Miller fans out there. I remember my Ma used to like to play this record when we did the Saturday cleaning.

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