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Red Light Camera Detectors

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Monday, the Ride featured a story about Cobra's line of red light camera detectors. Taft High School driver's education director Michael Hionis said he thought they were a waste of money -- people need to just look ahead and be prepared to stop for traffic lights. Anyone out there try one of these detectors? How did they work out for you?

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those data bases for gps are not as good as cobra. Cobra is very accurate and the signaling device is much better. Gps poi donot work as well and some databases are better than others.

A voter referendum to ban red-light cameras is advancing to the ballot in College Station, Texas. Rally to be held July 16 as required number of signatures are delivered to City Hall. --Ben

I own one and love it. Works perfect.

See gps angel

Has good coverage for this area

There's no need to drop the money on Cobra's "new line" of products. There are numerous public databases of where red light cameras and speed cameras are located. You can simply load those locations into your GPS system and it alerts you when you are close to one.

I doubt that Cobra has an "in" on a secret, more precise database than what exists so save your money. Download one of the programs (for free) and load it up.

Getting stuck in the intersection is not running a red light.
I got a ticket, I had a choice of either staying in the middle of the intersection or going. I went, I got a ticket!

These lights also make people speed up as not to get caught by one, or they slow down because they rather miss the light!

Hate those lights!!!

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