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Atheist ads start conversation

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A group of Indiana atheists recently posted ads on the sides of CTA buses which say "In the beginning, man created God." I spotted one on the #56 Milwaukee last Friday, while I was riding my bike. See the story


These kinds of ads started some controversy when they ran in Britain. A spokesman for the Indiana atheists said they wanted to give people something to talk about. Did it work? If you saw the ad, did you talk about it?

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Sorry Frederick, I didn't say our bodies work all that well. I said it was perfectly orchestrated by GOD. Just because there are flaws with our bodies, I've been wearing glasses since I was 9 years old, it doesn't take away the fact that only GOD is the CREATOR of our bodies. Which brings me back to how can anyone say there is no GOD. Atheists don't believe in GOD. You can't give anyone or anything credit for the creations that GOD made. To the Atheists deny HIM if you choose to, but the fact will always remain that there is a GOD. Atheists should give credit, not that GOD needs anyones credit, where credit is due and just choose not to accept HIS GIFT of SALVATION. Rather than say they don't believe in GOD, a more defining statement from one who wants to belittle GOD would be to say, I'm choosing to not accept GODS GIFT of SALVATION and spend eternity in HELL.

As far as the diseases and illness people are faced with I wouldn't dare blame GOD. If I'm faced with something I have no control of I thank HIM for life in HIM as I'm going through it because there is always someone worse off than me.

A few comments:

If atheists are hypocrites for spending money with "In God We Trust" printed on it, well, what else are they supposed to do? Barter? Really? Then I guess any people who subscribe to a non Judeo-Christian belief system should stop circulating money. Let's see what happens when that happens.

And I haven't met a single atheist who claims that he has "evidence" that God doesn't exist. It's personal conviction. The only thing which believers have to "confirm" God's existence is testimony. Nothing concrete; just words scribbled on parchment.

So let's not talk about the actual PEOPLE who hold opposing viewpoints, lest we look ill-informed.

There is a lot of arguments and we all have reasons to believe what we believe. God does not stop mankind from harm, so holocaust, cancer, bad anything is not proof there is no god. If there is no god and men created god at the beginning of time, then who created men?? Who defined the start of time?. Religion is not god, in my opinion. Religion is made by men and you can chose whatever religion suits you but the belief that god was the creator is not that far fetched.

The earth is only 6,000 years old, and the dinosaurs walks along side humans, as well as all other now fossilized creatures...hmmmm. Keep drinking the God kool-aid (or is it wine?)

The idea that God doesn't exist would beg the question, atheist usually don't believe in God because they have alleged proof of him. The evidence from the ancient Hebrews provides ample evidence of his existence. In order to not believe in God we therefore must ignore these stories and the people who experience simply because we weren't there to experience them ourselves. History shows us that if people historically record something we should take their account if they were first hand witnesses to them. Using the fallicious atheist argument if God doesn't exist because we have no evidence of him then they can't prove that he doesn't exist since they weren't actually back in the ancient times to actually disprove the stories about him. I find it amusing that atheist accept historical facts though we really can't prove they happened from several thousand years back based on written records.

Ok it's simple. If we believers are right... We get to spend eternity in Heaven with the Lord. If athiests are right, at the end, no one will know anything since all things end when their heart stops beating...
Hmm... Put that in your metaphysical pipe and smoke it.

satanists...I mean atheists are the biggest hypocrites. Denouncing God using bus ads yet paying for them with currency that clearly states "In God We Trust"

Sorry, Lynda, the human body really doesn't work all that well. Why have I had to wear eyeglasses since I was five? Why does my father have diabetes and hyperthyroidism and incipient senile dementia? Why do cells go on reproductive binges and give us cancer? Why do heart disease and cancer kill so many people? Why are kids born with horrific conditions that kill them within a few days, or hours, or years? Why are there so many miscarriages (i.e. abortions committed by God)? If God designed the human body, He did a crappy job of it.

Religion started as law written by man. That’s why Muslims believe pork is bad for you, without refrigeration it is. The thought that someone else is in control is very human, that’s why all children need parents or guardians. I have no problem with people needing to feel that there is a god; just don't push it on me.

very interesting to see some of the comments on the board. I won't slam or disrespect any of the other opinions however i will add what I believe. I definitely do believe in a higher power. I was born and raised in a christian home. The point where i drifted away from the church/organized religion is when i started to ask questions. started to hear that all christians will go to heaven so forth and so on. My questions was "what about other religions?" I've been around the world had enlightening conversations with people from all cultures and religions and of course everyone has there own relationship with "their" god. what makes any religion more correct (bad grammar) than another? for example i believe Jesus was a man of course.....son of god though? not by a long shot...i know i know we are all sons and daughters of god BUT "THE" son? not feeling that and never have. my neighbor told me "you going to hell!" LOL i told her if i'm going she'll mostly likely be at the gate taking tickets. That's not how you get folks to believe in anything. take time to explain to folks who want to listen and learn. dont mock and ridicule people for believing or not believing. Today we are dealing with young people who need help and need things explained to them in a better way. The whole "because i said so" mentality is long gone. I read an article not too long ago about organized religion taking a big hit lately. I'm not sure if its because of not believing or group worship is going down. Its definitely and issue and articles like this will definitely get you thinking. Just my 2 pennies

Christians are are bent on avoiding reality. History has proven this. (Universe revolves around the Earth, medical practices, etc)There is no omnipresent supernatural or magical being or force influencing the actions of any individual.

There is no "good" or "evil," only "right" and "wrong." A person should not blame their choice of actions on anyone but themselves.

There are no mythical "devils," no "angels", no "demons," no "ghosts." These "being" are representative of abstract qualities that are either positive or negative, but are not real supernatural beings. They are you and they are me.

Finally, all churches should be taxed like any business.

Ben, the fact that God "allows" terrible things to happen is only an argument that He is not consistently preventing harm from coming to people, not that He doesn't exist. There are several thousand years of philosophy trying to explain why bad things happen, ranging from the idea that there cannot be any good without bad (or dark without light, in without out, etc.) to the argument that we--not being gods--lack the ability to understand His overall plan. I mention this not to suggest that God does exist, only that your observation does not touch the issue of His existence. As Woody Allen once said, God may exist but just be an underachiever. Or perhaps there are limits even to His works. Or perhaps the dynamic conditions required for life to exist necessitate the potential for destructive behavior (and weather). And He may not care if you find Him "wonderful" or not; there were times in human history when reports indicated He seemed to want obedience more than anything else and it was ok if it was forthcoming out of fear.

All this of course has nothing to do with these bus ads, in which some human beings offer a viewpoint that our society allows to be expressed, no matter if it is correct or incorrect.

Yes, truly god is wonderful. That's why he allowed the deaths of six million of his chosen people in the holocaust. That's why he allowed a city called New Orleans to be destroyed. That's why he allowed a tsunami a few years ago that carried off and drowned several hundred thousand men, women, children and babies. Yes truly wonderful.

How can someone say there is no God? When you look at things He created with your natural eye, things like the stars, the moon, the sun, the clouds and the ocean. What man can take credit for that? The way the seasons change, the rain and the snow. A man can do that? Not in his wildest dreams. Not to mention the human body. No man can take credit for how the human body is perfectly orchestrated. The brain, the central nervous systems, the heart, the lungs, the liver, the stomach, the pancreas, the kidneys, the veins where the blood flow through etc. Only God can put organs together like that then enclose them in the body of an infant and have them grow perfectly to fit us as adults. How can anyone say there is no God, only a fool. I would never give that kind of credit to anyone but God. He is the Alpha and the Omega He is the Beginning and End. His desire is ...not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. 2 Peter 3:9

Once men find the courage within to give up the hubristic belief that they possess an "immortal soul," they will leave the tyranny of _conditioned_ superstition behind.

I have no problem with atheists spending God's money promoting the Creator's name. Please continue to spread God's NAME in whatever format you feel.

One of God's PR persons was telling me the other day "Even unbelieving publicity is good publicity to promote the Name of Jesus."

So to all atheists, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! We Believers need all the HELP we can get

Your peeps know "Misery do LOVES company!

Ha, Ha, we instead do love the sound of the name JESUS!! Also, I am not here to offend other's peoples beliefs.

And to the poor souls who believe religion is to enslave minds, THIS IS WHY YOU READ GOD'S WORD FOR YOURSELF!!! He will show you the light, the truth and the ways of wicked people who despise His goodness.

That's right "SPEND GOD'S MONEY TO HELP FIX THE CTA!" Every little bit helps!

God Blesses the atheist with money too, therefore spend some more of it!! Y'all been kinda weak on tithing your funds anyway!! Trying to act like THIS IS MY MONEY!

IT IS GOD'S MONEY!! Now give it up you unbeliever!!

God Bless You!

There are no gods, no devils, no angel, no heaven or hell. There is only a natural world. Religion is but a myth and superstition that enslaves minds.

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