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Another Blue Line Shutdown

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To replace track on the Blue Line Dearborn subway, rail service is getting shut down again from Clark/Lake to Western/Milwaukee from 10 p.m. Friday, May 15 until 4 a.m. Monday, May 18. So get ready to transfer to shuttle buses, or else just get on the Milwaukee bus to start with so you won't have to do the shuttle bus shuffle. Find this and other CTA news here. This is going to go on for months, on most weekends. The reward is a smoother, faster ride when it's all finished, according to the CTA.

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Ms. Wisniewski:
Thanks for keeping us up to date; as I don't use Blue line daily, these things get past me.

What's the bigger story here? Wasn't there work on the Blue recently? Is this latest long stretch part of the railroad tie replacement project linked to the 20 year old fraud related to faulty ties that we heard of, say, two years back?

Has anyone published an estimate of the true cost of that incident? And was anyone taken to task? (Or had they all retired in good standing?).



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