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Ride Trivia Quiz Answer

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Here's the question: CTA fare hikes are nothing new -- the agency began running the L trains in 1947, and raised fares 30 percent the next year. What was the 1947 fare, and how much did it go up?

Fares went up to 13 cents in 1948, from 10 cents in 1947. But some souces indicate the initial fare increase, when the CTA took over, was two cents. Since I could have worded the question better, I'm going to go ahead and give this to Susan Flynn, who identified the two cent increase. Susan, if you can send me your address and shirt size by e-mail at or through a comment on the blog (which I won't publish), I'll send you your t-shirt.

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The 1947 fare was 10 cents. A 30% raise would make the new fare 13 cents. However, one source I found said the fare was raised to 12 cents, a 20% increase.

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