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Warm Bus Shelters Downtown

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During the summer, commuters get to pick up free gum or free granola bars from smiley kids handing out samples on street corners. It's too cold for that sort of giveaway, so Tylenol is handing out free warmth -- heated bus shelters in 10 downtown locations -- to promote its Tylenol "Warming Liquids" for colds. The bus shelters are at
- 16 S. Clark @ Madison
- 197 N. State St. @ Lake
- 300 N. Michigan @ Wacker
- 431 N. Michigan @ Hubbard
- 757 N. Michigan @ Chicago
- 538 W. Madison @ Clinton
- 1 E. Washington @ State
- 5 S. Michigan @ Madison
- 221 N. Lasalle @ Haddock
- 533 N. Dearborn St. @ Grand.

Tylenol is trying this notion in chilly, transit-dependent Boston as well. The shelters will be heated 24 hours a day starting this week through March 8.

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Hasn't this been done?
oh yeah...Stove Top stuffing.

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