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Ride Trivia Quiz answer

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This week's Ride Trivia Quiz question was: "What American car maker was called an 'inspiration' by Adolf Hitler?" The correct answer is Henry Ford -- the German dictator used to keep a picture of Ford in his office. Ross Bay was the first with the correct answer, and if he can send me a shipping address and a size, I can send him his T-shirt. Thanks to everyone was playing.

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Sorry Ms. Wisniewski that this is off topic, but for those individuals think it is okay to put your bleeping foot or feet up in the seat next to a person you have some serious issues. It is winter time idiot, no one wants your wet, snowy feet near them! Cleaning bills are expensive and so is the detergent for when I have to wash my clothes.

More succintly to the idiot who decided to put his foot up by head this morning, BE GLAD GOD WAS HOLDING ME!! Please be glad the GOOD LORD HAD A TIGHT GRIP ON ME!! Please think about that on your next CTA excursion or to any of you who do this!!

God Bless you Mary, and have a wonderful 2009!!

So much for Farfegnugin or whatever that word was that Volkswagen used to promote German engineering and comfort. I'm looking at my office wall of revered pictures car makers or dictators displayed. A few "The Ride" columns are up there.

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