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New Fares Coming

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The CTA reminds its riders that the new higher fares are coming Jan. 1, but not until 6 a.m. Between 8 p.m. New Year's Eve and 6 a.m. New Year's Day you can ride for a penny. Here's where you can find the press release on both subjects. Parking rates are going up, too, at CTA park-and-ride lots and at downtown lots and garages. Happy new year, anyway.

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Thanks for the last ride CTA. I bought a car, GMAC works for me. I asked for it and I got it.
Oil trading at less than $43 a barrel, 2009 is a great year.

This is getting ridiculous! $112 to get to work and back on cta a month versus using my car and spending $70.98 a month on gas...I'll take the car for $71, Alex.

Welp, gotta make up for the loss of all those federal block grants somehow. Your tax cuts at work....

Happy New Year backatcha, Mary!

On 12/31 I paid $27 to park for 2.5 hours downtown. I'm not whining. I had to go up to the 6th floor find a spot for the priviledge of paying that much. I considered public transit, but wasn't sure if the schedule would work out. From now on, I'll schedule more carefully. No matter what the market will bear, $27 got my attention and violates logic for me.

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