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CTA Fare Increase Vote

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The CTA Board was expected to vote Wednesday on next year's fare increase -- but the meeting was postponed. Tune in Thursday morning. If the hikes are approved, you'll start paying more Jan. 1.

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the WHOLE 'Carbon Credits' nonsense is a FARCE and adding that fiasco to the CTA and Chicago's own 'Fleece'em and Daley Circus' is akin to adding pieces from a different puzzle to the one you are working on, in an effort (FAIL) to fill in the gaps of those lost....=== The CTA is raising fares BECAUSE THEY CAN, your opinions fall on STONE DEAF ears, they SNUCK/RAMMED it in during all this other hoopla, and could give a DAMN that gas prices came back down. (that was NEVER R-E-A-L-L-Y a factor either way, just a great EXCUSE....) Now if they wanted to REALLY save gas, they would train bus drivers to drive CIVILLY and not deem it apparently necessary to PUNCH IT from one stop to the next and then HAVE TO slam on the brakes just to stop, thereby ENSURING repeated whiplashes for all!! They use to run those "Jack Rabbit Starts Waste Gasoline" ads ALL the time back during the REAL energy crisis. The CTA would do WELL show them during TRAINING, and to monitor that as a SERIOUS way to save gasoline- regardless of the price! (and it DOESN'T take any longer to drive the route...)== Oh yeah, FIX those train cars!!!

"Why does the empty bus behind it not help the other driver in front by picking up passengers further down the route? "

They do. They call it leapfrogging. Many Chicago streets are just too narrow for this to work well though (milwaukee, Halsted, etc). If possible the empty bus will leap ahead of the full bus to grab passengers.

The C.T.A.should sell carbon offsets to raise revenue.The value could be determined by how many cars C.T.A. polices and improvements took off the road.Trees could be planted on C.T,A. properties to provide more credits to sell.Gracing unsightly el structures with could produce still more.

If news reporters actually knew what goes on behind close doors at CTA. There would be a whole lot of upset people. For one does anyone know about the ten's of thousands of dollars that are awarded to the executive officers depending on the pay scale of upper management each year around this time. The president might get a 10 to 15 thousand dollar performance bonus and that trickle on down to lower management who might get 2 to 5 thousand dollars. CTA are actually going off numbers instead actually going out and investigating certain routes and other things. All they care about is getting numbers up in which numbers can be alternated to show improvement. Jobs are being handed to people who have never worked in transportation, but an employee who knows the system in and out can't get promoted because one of there friends has gotten the position and he don't know what's going on. This is why everything is messed up now, and why they are always saying they are broke.

I do not understand why it is so important to rise bus fare. Nothing has change sends the last fare hike.The buses aren't any cleaner,wamer, or faster.

I am poor, under-educated, over-worked and under-paid therefore I like many in Chicago will have to pay the increase no matter how much complaining we do.

Why waste good oxygen when needed for the crowded buses, el trains or possibly to ride a bike in the future to get back and forth.

By the way can't we ask our NEW President for a bailout for CTA considering he is from Chicago? I mean CTA could wait until the first of Februrary, it's not like the system going to get any worst 30 days afterwards. At least let President-Elect Obama be sworn in and RTA & CTA can hit him up for a loan.

With falling gas prices, there is NO reason for a fare hike. No legitimate reason, that is.

Mary, if you drive a car and I drove closely upon your bumper but never actually hit you, that would annoy you and that is call tail-gating correct?

Why do CTA call it Bus-Bunching when doing the exact same thing? Why does the empty bus behind it not help the other driver in front by picking up passengers further down the route?

Why when CTA hires Mass Transit Mover(s), it is not explained that due to the heavy volume of traffic and ridership depending upon the day, weather or traffic snarls, jams and accidents, this individual is a paid salary employee and expected to work beyond the normal eight hours as other SALARIED EMPLOYEES in other industries are who don't get paid overtime?

Why do the #62 Archer bus route have a plethora of buses going west to Harlem running five minutes apart doing rush hour but only two or three passengers on the buses? Isn't that an over-use of buses, waste of gasoline, and additional maintenance on the buses which could be used to alleviate wait times on other routes? (i.e) The #44 or #8 routes. It doesn't matter in what direction, they are both slow runners as well, but maybe an additional ten buses on each route might help a little bit, especially during rush hour.

I have other questions, but could you please get some answers for these? There is no need in making a fuss about the fare increase, I have to get the bed early and rise earlier than usual to catch a late running bus which I will pay more to ride on.


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