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"Ride" Trivia Quiz: Correction

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Last week's "Ride" trivia question was: What do Ziegfield Court, Walden Parkway and Beethoven Place have in common? The answer I printed was that they are all Chicago streetways that no longer exist. But as a few Beverly residents pointed out -- there is still a Walden. Part of it was changed to S. Wolcott Street, but a part in Beverly still remains. My apologies.

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Okay, now let's move to a more serious issue with CTA. In some communities where CTA service is provided, passengers are delayed getting to their destinations because of other belligerent passengers. I don't fault the driver's but what I do have an issue with is the CTA personnel who work at the 'el stations. It has not happen often but the few times it has my bus card had sufficient time for me to take the bus and reach the el station transfer with no problem. But when arriving the card may be two to ten minutes off! Technically the card is no longer any good, but realisitically if the bus driver did not have to stop and talk to every one I could get there on time. I don't mean have a friendly good mornings of hello(s). I mean a conversation about fare, cards which don't work or talking to another CTA employee who sits in the front seat which is provided for the elderly or handicap.

I guess what I am getting at is "WHY ARE THE PEOPLE WORKING AT THE EL STATIONS NOT MORE ACCOMODATING FOR A CARD THAT IS ONLY TWO TO FIVE MINUTES PASS IT'S DEADLINE DATE?" If there was an accident they are aware of to make accomodations (sometimes), but NOT for a slow moving bus, or one hindered by other passengers who don't pay their fare. THE PEOPLE WHO DO PAY SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES OF HAVING TO BE HUMILIATE AT THE TURNSTYLE AND NOW HAVE TO USE A NEW FARE CARD WHICH WAS TO BE USE ON THE RETURN TRIP HOME! Yes, I am picky about this especially in this messed up ECONOMY!

I think it sucks when a bus pass is only a few minutes late and when making a transfer to the el station the employees working there are such a pain in the butt about two to eight minutes late on a card that will not work now.

It is appalling and demoraling to have to sit on a bus and watch others ride CTA for free, and when your card is a mere two minutes late the CTA personnel wants to contest you as though you stealing something.

Just needed to let someone know CTA treats their paying customers with such disdain, that I am surprise it remains in operation at all.

There's reason you didn't get your answer. It's wrong. It would come as a big surprise to those of us who live or work on Walden Parkway here in the Beverly neighborhood, or send our kids to the wonderful Beverly Montessori pre-school on Walden Parkway, to learn that Walden Parkway doesn't exist!

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