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"Ride" trivia quiz winner

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This Monday's question is: What movie character said that the most exciting sounds in the world are "anchor chains, plane motors, and train whistles." We asked you to name the character and the movie.

The answer is George Bailey in "It's a Wonderful Life."

We had many correct answers, but the first player with the correct answer was Julie Miklos. If she can e-mail me her address, I can send her out her T-shirt. Congratulations and thanks to everyone for playing.

A couple of people guessed "Uncle Billy." Uncle Billy is in the scene, but the dialogue goes like this, as the two wait for a train;

George: Thar she blows. You know what the three most exciting sounds in the world are?
Uncle Billy:: Uh-huh. Breakfast is served; lunch is served; dinner . . .
George: No, no, no, no! Anchor chains, plane motors, and train whistles.

I agree with both characters!

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