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"Holding" parking spaces

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It's kind of the warm-weather version of putting an old lawn chair in your shoveled-out parking space -- getting your passenger to stand in a vacant space to "hold it" while you drive around the block. I heard from one reader who said it drives him absolutely crazy when people do this. It doesn't bother me much when I see it -- but I think it's kind of a rude thing to do to your passenger. What do you think?

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I see nothing wrong with it. Personally, if I find a parking spot and someone has to hold it, it's because the other drivers I share the road with were probably to rude, angry or in a hurry to let me pull in the spot when I found it.

If you try and gently push me out of the way, you will get 'gently' arrested for running me over with your car (either that, or expect to buy new windows and tires). It's a different story if somebody leaves a lawn chair or 5-gallon bucket in the summer out there - then feel free to move the stuff - in the SUMMER. Winter is a whole different game, with the shoveling and all.

My car is bigger than any passenger. If someone wants to block a parking space, they're going to get gently pushed out of the way, or, failing that, run over.

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