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CTA bus drivers wanted

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The CTA is still looking for part-time bus drivers -- which can turn into a full-time job. The CTA press release is pasted below:

CTA to Host Two Job Fairs to Recruit Part-time Bus Operators

The Chicago Transit Authority reminds individuals interested in joining the agency as part-time bus operators that there are two job fairs this month. The job fairs will be held:

Thursday, August 14 - 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Austin Town Hall

5610 W. Lake Street

Chicago, IL

Monday, August 18 - 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

South Shore Cultural Center

7059 South Shore Drive

Chicago, IL

Eligible applicants should have strong customer service skills. Applicants must also pass all other required testing in order to be eligible for hire.

In order to apply, all applicants must have a current Illinois Class "B" Commercial Driver's License (CDL) or permit with the necessary three endorsements: knowledge, passenger and air brakes. The permit must be valid throughout the hiring and training process. CDL permits can be obtained by passing a written exam through the Illinois Secretary of State's Office. The fee for a CDL permit is $50.

In addition, applicants must obtain a two-page court purposes driving abstract from the Illinois Secretary of State's Office. Abstracts may be purchased from the Secretary of State's Office for a $12 fee. Applicants must also provide proof that they are at least 21 years of age.

Starting pay for this position is $17.46 per hour with the potential to increase to $26.86 per hour.

Job fair attendees will have the opportunity to speak with CTA Human Resources personnel about the position and the benefits package available to part-time bus operators. Interested applicants also can apply online at the CTA web site at

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people always winning about what there stressing on the job (anxity) if you do all the crying,what the baby gone do?look at it like this remember when you did not have a job? and you where on the couch watching jerry spring or murry you are not the father.if only cta just call me ,il work when ever,people always want somthing handded to them, but not willing to put in work. life is not always gone hand you something easy .what about the people who put in 15yrs? if they can do you can too. i dont have a job belive you me . when they call me, hope i dont run into people like you cause i will give you a negative responce. tell you why dont you quit then

as a part time thier is no life.cta treat u like a garbage.

How many hours is part-time a day?

Before anyoone else signs there life away to the devil a.k.a. the CTA. You ought to know that on sept 1, 2008 there making all part-timers work 6 days a week, they will schedule you to work like only a robot can before you break down. You will work some part of your one day off when you get off the morning of then have to come back later that day. There is no rest for you. They also is no guarantee of when you will ever turn over full time and there plan is to have new part timers stay that way for five years. There is so... much your duped into believing from the outside looking in. The next time there's talk of lay-offs all part-timers are 1st to go. You all need to ask around so you don't become one of there disposable victims. You don't yhave that many rights.

Didn't know if you'd be interested

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