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More Weird Traffic Facts

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In Monday's "Ride" column, I talk to Tom Vanderbilt about his new book "Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do (and What It Says About Us). By digging into studies about driving, Vanderbilt uncovered a lot of surprising information. We included some of it in the column -- here's some more:

- Men honk more than women, and men and women honk more at women that at men. People in "nice cars" honk faster at less-nice cars. Drivers in convertibles with the tops down are less likely to honk than those with the top up. Drivers honk faster at cars whose drivers are on cell phones. And drivers are more likely to honk at people from another state or country than their own.

- Drivers honk less on weekends

- After 30 seconds of waiting, most people will begin to cross against the light. People are more likely to jaywalk when well-dressed people do it first.

- Pedestrians on cell phones take longer to cross the street, and look at traffic less often.

- More people are killed legally in crosswalks than jaywalking.

- Half of all fatalities happen at impact speeds of less than 35 mph.

- 350 people die every year entering the freeway the wrong way; at least 50 are killed by cars in driveways.

- "Children at Play" signs do not reduce speed or accidents

- The more "Stop" signs a road has, the more likely drivers are to violate them.

- Car drivers drive closer to helmeted cyclists (and further from cyclists who appear to be women).

- Ants obey traffic rules

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Did I miss something? When did ILL make it legal to kill pedestrians in crosswalks. We still have to get them outside the lines here in North Dakota

For what ever reason, more are not driving up to the wide white line at the intersections.

They are leaving to much space in front of them, and that leaves no space for those wanting to turn right at the light.

If your worried bout being carjacked, your going to get jacked either way. People are getting to paranoid bout leaving so much space between their cars and others.
Yet, will tail gate you when in a hurry, or on the cell.

Just like a house robbery, or car stolen, if the thief wants it, he/she is going to take it.

As for blowing stops, the suburbs should crack down more.
Most of it is women that blow stops in my hood.

Less cops seens pulling motorists over for tickets(city relies on cameras for revenue).
Far too many jaywalkers!
People have their own "rules of the road" handbook.
Too many cellphone users!
Too many impatient drivers!
Use a turn signal, they're standard on autos, not optional!
Stay in your own lane!
Remember driving is a privelege and should be viewed as such!

Coming from a person who has driven 35 yrs with no accidents or tickets!!!!!!!!!

Of COURSE drivers are more likely to violate the "Stop" signs if there are more of them -- it's hard to violate 'em if they're not there!

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