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Hard to Drive 45

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Recently, we ran a story about how some commuters find it tough to follow the law and drive 45 mph in Illinois Tollway construction work zones, because of aggressive tailgating.

We got LOTS of comments from people who felt unsafe driving 45 with other drivers crawling up their back, and other comments from people who didn't like it when other drivers followed the speed limit. But we didn't hear from anyone who had actually gotten one of those $375 tickets...

The Illinois State Police say they've given out 1,000 tickets since the beginning of January. But as one alert reader pointed out, it sounds like a lot, but that's over five months over many miles. It's not like police are ticketing every other car. Did anyone out there get a ticket? If so, when and where did it happen, and did it teach you to drive 45 mph?

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