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More bad intersections

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After we ran a story on the top ten most accident-prone intersections in Chicago and in the six-county area, readers wrote in with their own nominations. Here are a few examples — feel free to submit your own:

"Dear Ms. W: I'm a four-year-plus delivery driver, and read your column today (Sunday) on intersections with the most car accidents. Maybe you'll do one on just plain bad intersections to navigate. One is on Chicago's far northeast side. If you're proceeding west on Touhy Avenue where Rogers Avenue intersects as an X, it's hard to proceed and see what traffic is also going west on Rogers. A traffic light would help, but there's another light about one-eighth of a mile ahead at Ridge Avenue. It would be two lights too close together, so I don't know what the solution should be. But one I can solve is if you're proceeding south on I-294, and wish to turn east on North Avenue. The exit is angular west. What you have to do is proceed a block to Berteau Ave., turn left, and left again into a residential driveway, then back out and go the other way. The solution would be if the exit met North Avenue at a right angle, and with a traffic light. Then you could proceed right or left. Biggest pet peeve: Streets which change their name within a town, more common in the suburbs than in Chicago. There should be a law against this....
Philip Schwimmer, Skokie":


"Regretfully, you left off the list the intersection located @ E 47th & S
Lake Park (Hyde Park). This intersection daily is littered with
motorists who have absolutely no regard for red lights, let alone
pedestrians who have the right of way.
I don't know how many times I've complained to CAPS, as well as the police
line for Supt. Jody Weis, asking for red-light cameras to be installed @
this intersection. I promise you: the city of Chicago stands to make a
mint off of reckless motorists who are talking on their hand-held cell
phones, as well as the impatient motorists exiting Lake Shore Drive who
turn on 47th & Lake Park without waiting on the light to turn. The worst
offenders are the motorists who turn from E 47th St to south-bound S Lake
Park (the second to the last stop for the #47 St CTA bus).

These motorists have pulled up to me on entirely too many occasions almost
hitting me and my child. I don't even cross on that side of the street

I'm tired of feeling like I'm playing a game of "Chicken" with the
motorists who feel their vehicles that weigh tons comes before a
pedestrian's personal safety."
Annesa L. Lacey

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I think the intersection of 79th and Stony Island is by far the worst intersection I have ever known of in life! Jus last month, at night in the rain, a lady crashed into a car in the middle of the street, got out yelling and screaming at the top of her lungs, while running away from the scene. No liscense? No insurance? Possible DUI? Lord, what's next?!

The intersection of Elston, Grace, and Bernard streets.

Clark & Devon , most dangerous intersection. Cab drivers and middle age hookers populate the area !

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