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After doing research for today's story on L noise, I got spooked about riding in the subway without ear protection. It's very noisy down there, and hearing is my favorite of the five senses. So I tried the advice of experts and wore foam ear plugs on my commute to work. It felt....

After we ran a story on the top ten most accident-prone intersections in Chicago and in the six-county area, readers wrote in with their own nominations. Here are a few examples — feel free to submit your own:

Check out a discussion of the Best and Worst of the L (see Monday story ) on WLUW, 88.7 at 6 p.m. Friday. If you miss it, you can find it in the archives at the Outside the Loop Radio site.

I'm a frequent bike commuter. I think it's great exercise and a great way to clear your head before and after a busy day. I'm frequently irritated by car drivers who think bikes have no right to the road. However, I'm also irritated by bicyclists who think the rules of the road don't apply to them...

Ever wonder why there isn't an easier way to get to a city 300 miles away without going through airport security? Train fans, especially those who have seen the efficient train service in Europe, have been wondering for years. Here's a link to an essay on the subject. Go to the April 21 entry under the "Cluster---- Nation" articles. Here's an excerpt:

Everyone has a bad transit story -- the belligerent bus driver, the train that got stuck for an hour, the delay at the airport.

But how about a few nice transit stories? Did anyone out there ever get a smile from a bus driver that made a bad night better? Or did a CTA motorman hold the train for you as you came galloping down the stairs, and keep holding it after you accidentally dropped your keys on the platform?

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