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TSA officer responds

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Last week, I did a story about TSA uniforms left unsecured at O'Hare Airport,CST-NWS-tsa14.article

One of the responses we got was from a TSA officer, who didn't want to be identified. Here it is:

If anyone was on the Blue Line today when the trains had to stop in the tunnel, please share your story. The CTA is saying the initial delay was caused by a mechanical failure on a train just north of Clark and Lake, but that the major delay was caused because some people in a train north of the disabled train decided to get off the train on their own, which forced the CTA to turn off power to protect them. If you were there, we'd love to hear from you.

Several years ago, I got to visit Amsterdam, where the bike is king. Bike commuting is normal there — you see people in business suits riding bikes while talking on cell phones. There's barely room on some streets for cars, which have to drive slowly and wait their turn.

The Chicago area is not nearly as bike friendly as Holland. But bike commuters here say more people would do it if they just tried it a couple of times...

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