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On Wednesday, the Chicago Department of Transportation gave details of a $67 million project to upgrade the Grand and State subway station. See story here:,station032608.article

Certainly the Grand and State station is dingy and dimly lit. But do other stations need the rehab more?

Back on the Bike

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It's better than Christmas -- it's Bike Day, the first day after the long, icy, gray, sunless, depressing Chicago winter that it's warm enough to bike to work again. Bike Day varies -- depending on how brave you're feeling. It is March, after all -- you never know what the weather's going to do. It could be 50 and sunny when you leave in the morning and 25 and snowing on the way home.

A lot of people responded to my post on whether or not you should speak up on the L. Due to a glitch, the comments didn't get posted. They're on there now -- if you want to check them out. Look under "Move that bag! -- Speaking up on the L"

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