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Update -- Funding for transit passes General Assembly

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The transit funding package finally passed the House and Senate yesterday. Are you relieved that it's over, angry that it took so long or all of the above?

There's still one question left, which is whether the City Council will pass the 40 percent increase in the real estate transfer tax that's part of the transit bailout.

And then there's the issue of capital money for Chicago-area transit, which isn't addressed in the bill that passed the General Assembly this week.

So, this definitely won't be the last time the CTA, Metra and Pace head to Springfield asking for more money.

But at least for now, we can retire the word doomsday. Anyone else as happy about that as I am?

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I'm "all of the above."

What other options are on the table for the City Council? If they don't like the real estate transfer tax, could they find the $100 million somewhere else? If it's that or nothing, they should pass it. But I do think they could come up with a better policy that would encourage the use of mass transit while a the same time improving it -- like a city gas tax.

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