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Hallelujah! One-day CTA walkout called off

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Well, the one-day CTA walkout that would have made for a very interesting Monday morning commute has been called off. For now, anyway.

It seems God is in the details, because the CTA's unions agreed to back down after being approached by a coalition of ministers who urged them to reconsider.

The pastors rightly argued that lawmakers in Springfield aren't the ones who would have been hurt by the walkout (since very few of them seem to take public transportation anyway). Rather, everyday people who rely on public transportation would have gotten the short end of the stick, which they still might if the transit funding stalemate isn't resolved.

Stay tuned.

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It's about time that people in chicago pay for what they get and stop asking taxpayers to pay for it.

A one-day walkout would topple the CTA. That sort of thing might work in New York, but it won't work here.

Hey Mike,

I agree that the walkout would have made a very loud statement that might have actually gotten our legislators to do something. But I think everybody's first concern should be the people for whom transit is not a luxury.

Those are the people who the CTA and the unions should be looking out for, and it's not right to use them as bargaining chips, even for a day. Especially since Monday's walkout would have shut down the entire system, not the 80 plus bus routes the CTA is threatening to cut.

But you're absolutely correct that it's a crappy situation all around.

Ms. Thomas, no offense, but you're wrong: the cancellation is not a "hallelujah" event, it's a "crud!" event.

All this showed Springfield was that if called upon to strike, the union will bluff and back out last minute.

A day without mass transit would have been a perfect demonstration of precisely how important mass transit is to the city, and why it needs to be funded.

Now, the Governor and Assemblymen can just go back to their fantasy world where all that is at stake is which political team wins (the Repubs or the Dems and the fractional groups therein) and how much pork money they can roll into things while holding Chicago mass transit funding hostage.

It's a crap decision.

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