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Red-light runners may lose their licenses

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Today's Sun-Times had a story that's bound to have some of you seeing red:

The city wants to raise fines on drivers caught by its red light cameras to $100 or more, and Mayor Daley also floated the idea of suspending drivers' licenses for multiple offenses.

Read about it here.

Have you ever gotten one of these tickets? If so, did you try to contest it?

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I support this policy, since one of my best friends was hit by a car in a crossroad. I hate these Red-light runners

If the fee is already $90, is another $10 really going to hurt these red-light runners? All it will do is raise more money for the city because no one is going to slow down anyway. People just need to know when to stop - that's what the light system was invented for - and if they don't they should expect a fine. Plus if this is a ploy to extract more money from motorists or get them to use public transport, the city of Chicago could do like London does and employ a congestion charge for driving in the middle of the city. Really, this doesn't seem like that big of a deal. The choice comes down to: wait at a red light for a couple of minutes; or pay $100 and potentially have a license suspended. Hmmm? I think I would stop.

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