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Governor watches Blackhawks game while transit funding plan stalls

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Before a vote on a transit funding plan that ultimately failed in the Illinois House, Governor Blagojevich left the Capitol early to attend a Chicago Blackhawks game. Talk about bad timing.

Now the governor is taking heat from state lawmakers who were called into a special session yesterday to try to hammer out an agreement on funding for the CTA, Metra and Pace.

Our Springfield reporter Dave McKinney has the story.

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I am ashamed I voted for this person. I can not use the word 'Governor' because he has done nothing for Illinois.
He has his driver we have the CTA. He needs to be removed from office for Gross negligence.

As a voter in Illinois, the Governor went to the game, so what? He is not the first or last to do something like this. Get over this fare increase, it goes up then pay for it.

Everyone mostly who complains about paying a little more can afford to buy nice clothes, shoes, and I have seen this in people who say I can't afford it, baloney.

I rather pay for more than pay for gas on my car.

Why are their so many bus routes on 95th and the Dan Ryan than anywhere else in Chicago?

Again, just stop whining about a 50 cent increase or a dollar, I know most of you are not starving or homeless.

You wanted him, you got him.
You knew what you had and re-elected him.
We all know he will be re-elected if he chooses to run again.

Why should car owners pay the bill for a bunch of public transport freeloaders?

Stick it to 'em Gov!!

Subject: Amazing How People Don't Think For Themselves

I don’t understand all of this petty sniping at Governor Bagojevich. The Governor is the only player in this transit mess who is sincerely looking out for the people.
He has tried in several instances to save the middle-class taxpayers of Illinois by,first, trying to make these big corporations pay their fair share of taxes so ordinary
Taxpayers won’t be so burdened. It did not pass because too many fat cat insider lawmakers in Illinois did not go along and want to maintain the status quo. The real culprits are Mayor Daley and Michael Madigan. For the mayor, when did the State begin to be directly responsible for funding the CTA? I will tell you when.
All of these years that Mayor Daley has presided over corruption and graft and discenfranchising Chicago residents. How? By allowing his cronies who leave City Hall to be placed in do-nothing upper and middle management jobs at CTA just to
collect another pension. That is called “graft” for those idiots who voted for Daley. As for Michael Madigan, he is a big, powerful lawmaker in the State of Illinois who wants to try to show the governor who is boss. Madigan is a snake-in-the-grass
who could care less about the citizens of Illinois. Maintaining his power is all he cares about. The governor is an affront to his “business-as-usual” style that also disenfranchises the Illinois citizens. People believe the media and do not think
for themselves.

Glen Latham
(312) 756-2012

The funny sick part about this story is in 4 yrs he will run again for governor and most of these moronic democrats will be telling the voters we need to re-elect this nut. In 4 years he will pay-off these losers for support, and I bet he gets it. The voters of Illinois are like donkeys they can't think for themselves not saying all but a majority serve themselves, and the tax payer is just an inconvience to appease every so often.

Just a simple case of "do what I say not as I do". I'm not surprised of Rod's actions in the least. He has no respect for the citizens of Illinois. It's very clear to me. (yes, I voted for this joker...what a waste of a vote!)

The truth is that before the Chicago Transit System is approved for any sort of budget the entire employed sector of the transit system should be reanalyzed. Many times while I drive daily through Chicago I see many CTA bus drivers committing traffic violations and or endangering the other vehicles on the road due to time constraints. A new system must be put in place to put safety over time. Not only that but, the bus driver's are not always that friendly to the Chicago patron's spending their money on the buses. Bus driver's want a raise and that is understood. Patron's want a friedly atmosphere when riding the transit system. Classes should be given to increase better treatment of riding patron's.

Yet another example of how our governor really is a clueless idiot. Hard to imagine in a very Democratic state that a Democratic governor could poll LOWER than a Republican president. Nevertheless, many lemmings voted for this doofus, proving once again that we voters truly do deserve the government we get.

I find it great that Blago puts support in one Chicago institution while stiffing the other. One could disappear with little more than a public shrug while the other is supported by a majority of the people who elected this joke. You decide which is which. My advice for Rod is to use some of that compassion for the people that he so faithfully touted around during his first campaign rather than trying to be Illinois' Healthcare Savior and Chicago's most revered sports afficionado. My salary could maybe buy Hawks' nosebleed season tix but cannot afford to support a year's worth of CTA rides.

As a Downstate resident a vote for CTA funding without consideration to Downstate Cities Mass Transit programs is ludicrous.
This is funding for the Chicago area from the state with nothing for Downstate Cities transit programs. It is a Chicago problem. do something to raise revenues in the Chicago area. dont ask for money from the whole state of Illinois.

They do not need him around to pass the most important bill most of the poor and middle class people of chicago and other areas of illinois need.

I think this guy is an embarrassment to the State of Illinois. What kind of fool does not get along with anyone he works with. He has not spoken with his Lt. Governor in months. The piece on Channel 2 called Exposing Blagojevich says it all. I don’t normally get too involved with politics in this city and state, but this clown has to go. “You ain’t see nothing’ yet” was his words when he was somehow re-elected last year. I am afraid that to be true. What other crap will he pull and not get accomplished in this state in the coming years? I have asked several other leaders how to go about getting a recall in this state to no avail. That is a day I look forward to. If he runs and wins again in 2010, I will be moving to another state. I can’t stand this guy that much. Please, Rod, get out of Big Jim Thompson and Jim Edgar’s office. And as long as I am ranting – Seriously? What’s with the hair? You can’t possibly think that is a good look?

It's time for the people of Illinois to put pressure on their elected officials to enact measures whereby Governor Blagojevic can be removed from office. Clearly the Governor has other things he'd rather do than govern, proven by his habit of skipping legislative duties in favor of attending Cubs games in Summer, and Blackhawks, Bears and Bulls games during the rest of the year. However, I don't expect the people of Illinois to vote this creep out, as he trots out the "Get Your Universal Freebies!" (Healthcare, Pre-School, etc.) whenever he's in trouble, and no one wants to give up their unearned loot!

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