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The facts are still trickling in, but here's the latest on a train collision this morning involving an Amtrak train and a Norfolk Southern freight train at 48th and Shields.

Were you there, or do you know anyone who was on the Amtrak train?

Amtrak has set up a hotline for friends and family of passengers on the train. The number is 800-523-7381.

Before a vote on a transit funding plan that ultimately failed in the Illinois House, Governor Blagojevich left the Capitol early to attend a Chicago Blackhawks game. Talk about bad timing.

Now the governor is taking heat from state lawmakers who were called into a special session yesterday to try to hammer out an agreement on funding for the CTA, Metra and Pace.

Our Springfield reporter Dave McKinney has the story.

My night at JFK

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My apologies for not posting anything on the blog for the past few weeks. I was out of the country. On my way back in, I got stuck overnight at JFK Airport in New York.

My flight to Chicago got canceled last night because of bad weather. Because I wanted to avoid the hassle of trying to find a hotel close to the airport (not to mention the cost), I decided to sleep at JFK.

As I massage the massive crick in my neck (from curling up on a row of chairs at the gate), I can't say it was a wise choice.

But the airline didn't leave me much choice, since Delta doesn't provide hotel vouchers for weather-related delays. The airport also didn't roll out any cots for the dozens of people whose flights to Minneapolis, Boston and Detroit were also canceled.

Basically, Delta just booked us on flights for this morning and told us to fend for ourselves. So much for the friendly skies.

In any case, sleeping in the airport was an interesting experience, if only for the unique people-watching opportunities. But I'm not looking forward to doing it again, since I found myself trying to sleep with one eye open to make sure my bags were OK. Needless to say, I'm running on fumes today.

Enough about me. How did you fare during the holiday travel season?

Today's Sun-Times had a story that's bound to have some of you seeing red:

The city wants to raise fines on drivers caught by its red light cameras to $100 or more, and Mayor Daley also floated the idea of suspending drivers' licenses for multiple offenses.

Read about it here.

Have you ever gotten one of these tickets? If so, did you try to contest it?

Should they do it anyway?

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This morning, Gov. Blagojevich offered the CTA and Pace $27 million in grants to keep both agencies running through the end of the year and delay fare hikes and service cuts set to take effect on Sunday.

The CTA and RTA have tentatively agreed to accept the bailout, as long as the Federal Transit Administration approves the infusion of capital dollars.

Unlike the first one, this bailout is a grant, not a loan, the governor says.

My question to you is, should the CTA and Pace go ahead with the cuts anyway, to force the General Assembly to finally make a decision on long-term transit funding? Or should they just take the money and save millions of transit riders the headache?


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