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The Edens: nightmare or not so bad?

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It's been a little over a week since major lane closings took effect on the Edens Expy. The closings, needed for concrete patching between Lawrence and Lake Cook Road, are expected to last until Nov. 4.

Has your commute been affected? If so, how? This question is open not just to people who take the Edens regularly, but also users of the Kennedy Expy, the Tri-State Tollway and Metra, since those are the most likely alternatives.

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Me and my Dad are Northwestern wildcats fans. Our drive up to Evanston didnt take us that much longer with the road work on the edens. They had the right lane closed at lake and it started to get backed up right around devon or Pratt.

'We're simply out of options': CTA (RIDERSHIP) DOOMSDAY is Nov. 4, 2007

Jan. 6, 2008 INCREASE FARE PLANS are in PLACE (This is NOT a MAYBE PEOPLE!) to SLASH 53% of bus routes & services.

To everyone who rides CTA at least THREE TIMES a WEEK, WRITE your congressman, your state senator, your alderman/woman, the MAYOR, THE GOVERNOR and EXPLAIN, in a HOT PISSED OFF LETTER, if fares increase, everyone of them will be looking for a JOB come the NEXT election. WRITE AGAIN, AND WRITE AGAIN! Let the letters flood their desks!

To any lawyers out there? Question: CAN WE SUE the government (either the U.S. or the Illinois State - what the hell both) for not treating the CTA as a public works entity - that should be funded similar as highways, bridges, canals, etc.--you get the picture) instead a private corporation to facilitate funds where the FAT CATS still get paid top dollars, though the thing is broke? IF THE DAMN CTA IS BROKE, WHY IN THE HELL DO WE HAVE top or any manager making large salaries. THEY CAN SURVIVE OFF OF $40,000 dollars( belive me, I am being generous with this figure) a year until this mess is fixed!!!!!

Any executive such as Carole Brown and Ron Huberman making more than $40K needs an immediate deduction in salary and if they can't take it, let them leave and work in the private sector. I bet they won't let their A$$ES stay working for them with this type of negative media attention about its corporation. Bus and train operators, top pay is $15 dollars an hour! It is more than 30K a year. Time to tighten the belt! I DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR DAMN UNION!! Most of you working for CTA are insolent, belligerent and just plain ignorant at times. Majority of you can not explain to another individual(patron) what connecting bus or el to catch to get to a destination. I do not CARE anymore! YOU ARE SUPPOSED to KNOW YOUR JOB through and through. If that is too much quit and allow someone who is willing to learn the job properly. SIMPLY DRIVING THE BUS IS NOT YOUR ONLY JOB DESCRIPTION!! I shudder to think about the older drivers who used to collect money, pass out bus transfers and still answer patron's questions about a destination point all in one breath.

I DON'T GIVE A DAMN IF YOU LOSE YOUR JOB!! You make me late for mine TOO OFTEN and I leave early!!

That would never happen. Because the very people that may have to look into it would probably have to arrest themselves. Obviously someone or some persons are stilling. Or they just don't have a clue as to what they are doing.

Pretty soon the homelss are going to out number the homeowners. People are already barely making it. You have this idiot who wants to raise taxes on everything. How about cutting your salary. Being the mayor of Chicago has made you an extremely rich man and all of your croonies and I think for all the money you and your croonies have stolen you deserve to work for a year or two for free.

That includes the croonies at CTA.

I think that the city of chicago and the state should get a court
order to look at the cta's books and find out were the money that the cta is geting is being spent it seems know mater how much money they are giving it's never enough .
also the cta could save money by cleaning their own house let the
big shots cut there own salary and get rid of all the people that are not needed is would save enough money so fares donot have too be rased cta wakeup.

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