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When being a Minuteman isn't such a bad thing....

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IDOT's Minutemen -- those roadside rescuers in the neon green tow trucks -- helped more than 88,000 stranded motorists in the fist six months of 2007, up 17 percent from the same period last year.

The guys in the red jumpsuits respond to just about every type of emergency on the city's expressways, from flat tires to overturned semis. They also get a bird's eye view into some of the weird things people do in their cars when they think no one is looking. You can read more about them in today's Ride.

Speaking of roadside emergencies, what's the worst one you've had on a Chicago area highway or street, and how did you get out of it?

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Didn't realize being a Minuteman was ever a bad thing.

Never had to use them, but glad they are there. Especially for women drivers (NO I am NOT talking about driving skills). What man wants his mother, wife, girlfriend - possibly with kids in the care - stuck on an expressway - regardless of the situation - with cars traveling 60 mph?

This might be one of the few jobs I actually will not get angry about, because the employees do not put in a full day as some others on their jobs. Changing a flat tire on the expressway (where it is more dangerous) in contrast to having your car towed to the nearest exit where there is less traffic and changing it is more idea I do believe.

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