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How have you coped with construction on the Dan Ryan?

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The massive reconstruction project on the Dan Ryan Expy. is scheduled to be complete by the end of the month, if the weather cooperates. That's great news for drivers who have spent the last 18 and a half months fighting traffic on the expressway, dealing with parking restrictions on the alternate routes or trying to get around using public transit.

So what's been your coping strategy to deal with construction on the Dan Ryan? Are you leaving for work at different times, taking alternate routes or just cursing the Illinois Department of Transportation for ruining your life? I'm especially interested in hearing from business owners along alternates such as Stony Island and Ashland, since I'm sure those rush-hour parking restrictions aren't helping the bottom line.

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What do the symbols on the side of the express ramps or Dan Ryan express-way signify? Anyone please answer, before I give an un-informed opinion; I really would like to know what each one symbolizes.

Thank you.

Gotta wonder if all this road construction is really about improving the roads or if it's about rewarding political contributors and creating jobs. I've been using the Ryan for 30+ years. How many times has it been torn up and for what repairs each time? Why hasn't anyone done any investigative reporting on this?

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