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CTA wants feedback on its 2008 budget

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The CTA is holding three public meetings on its proposed 2008 budget, which involves cutting 43 bus routes in addition to the 39 that would be cut on Nov. 4.

Meeting dates are: Oct. 30 at Lane Tech College Prep, 2501 W. Addison; Nov. 1 at Percy Julian High School, 10330 S. Elizabeth; and Nov. 5 at the CTA’s headquarters, 567 W. Lake. All meetings start at 6 p.m.

The CTA board will likely vote on the proposed $1 billion budget at its Nov. 7 meeting.

The agency is facing a $158 million deficit for 2008, fueled by growing pension and healthcare obligations, lower state subsidies and the lack of capital money that has been used in the past to pay for operations, the CTA says.

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Bus driver - badge #39305 driving the 151 this afternoon (bus #4425) was so very very pleasant. Greeting all and telling all to have a nice day was amazing. Most drivers are nice but she was exceptional. Thank you.


The biggest thing that annoys me about this whole CTA budget cut has to do with these proposed tax hikes and fare changes. For what? Maybe some of our state representatives need to curb their actions such as Mr. Blagojevich - an article printed before on the RedEye reported that he commutes DAILY between Chicago and Springfield. This costs the taxpayers around $3000-$4000 per DAY, that he makes this commute. When questioned why he does this, he simply stated, "I just want to stay at my home in Chicago". Well, I say suck it up and move to Springfield where you work! And Chicago thinks it can bid on having the Olympics here?! How much does that cost? How about fixing the CTA first and other city problems before diving into worldwide aspirations?

Okay people, I know you are angry, but we MUST SHOW UP IN LARGE NUMBERS at the meetings, AGAIN!!!!

Please bring letters of displeasure with service OF the El lines or bus routes, and put in on the table or desk in front of Mr. Huberman, Ms. Brown and other CTA board members. THIS IS AMERICA AND UNDER THE FIRST AMENDMENT YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO PETITION the same as FREEDOM of SPEECH!

Do not be fooled, they are part of the government process because of who hired them?

Remember, these individuals do not have to ride the CTA. In previous meetings they allowed for statements to be read, but their facial expressions spoke volumes. THESE PEOPLE DO NOT CARE! They are paid to take our tongue-lashings, now go beyond these CTA authority-challenged individuals, AND WRITE LETTERS to THE GOVERNOR, YOUR State Representative, YOUR U.S. Congress-person, YOUR senator, THE MAYOR, YOUR Alderman or woman and even Cook County Board President while you at it! Write the Commissioners, somebody is lying with all this money being stolen from TRUCKING SCANDALS, JOHN BURGE & other Police MISCONDUCT, other stolen funds!

These people have a good salary and pension from your TAX DOLLARS, every LAST ONE OF THEM is EMPLOYED by YOU!! NOW START ACTING LIKE A BOSS who business is about to close down!!

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