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Doomsday's delayed. Now what?

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So, the crisis has been averted for now.

The CTA and Pace are backing off from planned fare hikes and/or service cuts that would have taken effect Sunday. But stopgap funding from Governor Blagojevich has only delayed doomsday budget cuts until Nov. 4.

What do you think the odds are that state legislators can come to agreement by then on a transit funding package?

If they don't, transit officials are predicting an even bigger meltdown than would have occurred Sunday. For instance, the CTA would have to lay off 1,000 people instead of 600, and more bus and rail routes would be cut, President Ron Huberman said Friday. Metra has also said that it would have to raise fares next year, and Pace would be just a skeleton of its former self with the drastic service reductions that officials have outlined.

Here's hoping the next six weeks in Springfield are a lot more productive than the last 9 months.

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and what do you know.... Huberman is quoted in the Tribune today as saying the scenario is worse than we think and without subsidies their will be a price hike. what this is is hardball. the thinking is that the rider's have to pay so why not soak them. after all we have to ride and they figure our choices are limited especially with all of the expressway work making it an unbearable choice to drive. whose big idea was it to plan all of this work at the same time anyway? you should be ashamed of yourselves for playing such financial hardball with your CTA customers. Do you honestly think we cannot see the financial forest through the trees? Yah, we are all gonna pay? do not forget that you increase the desperation and violence of people when you squeeze their pocketbooks. are you prepared to take responsibility for that? and by the way waxing the floors over the garbage on the redline looks like crap. it is a cheap short term solution and looks it.

...EDIT above from harry b..... that they do NOT trip up and down the stairs...

this whole doomsday thing is preposterous. For goodness sake will someone take a look at the CTA/RTA-it is falling apart and according to the Blue Line incident-the people paid to take care of it DO NOT/HAVE NOT. The system is decrepit and it is shameful in its behind the times accommodations for the physically challenged. Please-we have enough stupid sculptures and lit up baseballs on Michigan Ave. send some of that disposable tax payer money to the CTA/RTA problem. Where in the heck are our civic priorities-we do not need more sculptures (IMPOSING BEANS) we need to repair the steps for the blind people so that they do trip up and down the stairs. This whole situation is nuts. APPROPRIATELY ALLOCATE the funds. This 11th hour drama is for the birds. how do 4 federal, state, and local funding organizations create such an accounting problem and what is worse the project is just begun. we can expect at least a doomsday scenario every six months for the next five years. This is crap!!! especially for the blind.

I strongly recommend charging seat hogs for the number of seats they use. Some people sleep across 2 wide seats every morning and others put their feet on another seat. Lets charge them for the space they occupy. They can see other people need a seat and are just being rude. Next we'll have 'seat rage' like the other poster said.

Nobody bit, but I will but not for the reasons above, though they are in relation to CTA's problems.

To all passengers who have this knack of putting their feet in seats, book-bags and carry-ons in the seat next to them, or the MONSTER on wheels, you know it, the giant suitcase to block freedom to empty seats, entrance doors-exit doors to the cars, and most importantly the emergency doors at opposite ends of each car. You know what I can't wait to see, is people becoming angry about increases in fares, much terrible service and knuckleheads (be it male or female) who play stupid, and not move their personal items from the seat next to them IMMEDIATELY, without being asked! You know the ones, they are playing space cadet as though they really are enjoying a book, playing a video game on a cell phone, or oblivious to others while talking on their cell phone.

Ms. Thomas, have you ever been on an EL car and a single person will get on with two large rolling suitcases, shoulder bag, duffle bag and a laptop? Understand I stated one person, though I bet regular riders have encountered three to six people on one car who bring along all their belongings with them. Somebody is showboating as though they need this many suitcases and items for ONE TRIP! How do I know it is one trip, someone inevitably asks where the person is coming or going and their response destination never matches with the amount of luggage they have.

It is going to get TESTY in Novemeber, and the weather will be colder too!...Look out for some great stories then Ms Thomas. Have a good day!

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