CTA cleaning up its act?

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The CTA says it is cleaning its Red Line trains more often and will get more aggressive about cleaning buses and rail cars on other L lines within the next six months. Have you noticed any difference?

Which CTA L stops and bus routes are desperately in need of a scrub job?

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I too ride the Red line regularly and have noticed the improved cleanliness. This is a good start but if the CTA leadership really wants to clean up the CTA and keep it clean consistently they should send a delegation to Washington D.C. and observe how to really keep a subway station clean. The awesome thing about the D.C. system is their Transit Cops will literally pounce on anyone with ticket book in hand if you even attempt on dropping garbage or eating food anywhere in the subway system. But in defense of the CTA, the brunt of the blame should not be placed on the CTA because there is a rude segment of Chicagoans’ who consistently sit in the chairs and put their DIRTY shoes in the other seat and get mad at you when you try to get a seat. I have seen repeatedly numerous Caucasian, Black, Hispanic and Asian youths and even some older adults who see that the bus or "L" is full and occupy two seats by sitting in one and placing their feet in the other and defiantly challenge anyone to get them to put their feet on the ground where they really belong. Maybe CTA brass should adopt the New York City transit rule of issuing a fine if you get caught with your feet in the seats. In reality all of us have a part in policing and keeping the trains clean by bringing it to the attention of others when we see then trashing the buses and trains. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING AND SAY NOTHING THEN YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

Which CTA L stops and bus routes are desperately in need of a scrub job?

If speaking of Southside Red-Line stops? ALL OF THEM!

The bus routes will not maintain a level of cleanliness until the people riding change their attitudes!

Positive note: I have witness a few cars where the floors seemed to have been waxed and cleaned. It could be only one car.

Negative note: One particular stop on the RENOVATED, NEWLY REFURBISHED South side RED LINE, the elevator worked for a month, than worked inconsistently for two months and thereafter was literally non-functionable for four months. BRAND NEW ELEVATOR installed and it stopped working. Ever seen a boarded up house? Patrons to this el stop was treated to such a sight for four months.

I ride the Orange Line as well. Elevators working over 90% of the time, and do not have the urine smell in them. That is possibly because someone constantly mops and clean them, or people not urinating in it.

There are some bad eggs on the cleaning crews on the South Side. NOT ALL, but those who do not put in a days work can be let go far as I am concern. The person wanted a job, ask for a job, receive the job, and now think two to three hours of ineffective and inefficient tasks per day is called working! NO! Monitor them and make them aware, if not more productive FIRE THEIR BUTTS!

(My MONEY IS GREEN, that is the ONLY color I see when CTA wants to increase the fare, and its personnel has a slovenly disposition.)

The Red Line cars are definitely cleaner! I really appreciate this.
I hope that somehow the people who use the CTA stations as a toilet can be caught and stopped, though.

Sometimes I wonder whether any rules are enforced anymore. Perhaps those who could enforce them are not doing so for the same reason riders don't point out when someone's eating or taking up two seats: they don't want to get sworn at, ranted at, or worse.

As for stations needing cleanup, there are so many, but Grand/State seems consistently disgusting. If they can't stop the water leaks, could they at least clean up the gooey floor once in a while? Just hideous.

Cleaning up the cars more etc. is a huge step. But, why don't they prosecute or fine the dirty monkeys who make it so bad. All the buses have cameras on them, yet there is grafitti and tag marks all over them, same on a lot of El cars. Take these petty criminals to do community service cleaning up the CTA!

I witnessed an incredible event on the Diversey 76 bus last week. The bus driver actually stopped the bus and called the police to intervene when some adults were beating there kids. It is about time. Now that is cleaning up their act. prior to that i had to stare down a woman who kept hitting her 3 yr old with a belt. she would not stop until the child stopped crying. the child could not stop crying because she was being whipped. finally the woman stopped because everyone began staring at her. Note to adults beating their kids anywhere-QUIT IT-or we will call the police!

the cameras are only there in case of a murder.

too funny BK. isn't that the truth!

Posted by: harriet tubman | September 26, 2007 10:30 AM

Excuse me, question for you Ms Tubman. Are you the same person who whines, critiques, gossips when children are unruly in public while with parents who do NOTHING to temperance the child's behavior, and then display a look of scorn when leaving the bus?

What some think is beating a kid is the only way to get a unruly child to behave. TIME OUTS do not work for everyone! It is quite apparent they do not because of having to show aggression towards another person JUST TO SIT DOWN WHERE ANOTHER PERSON has their feet or legs scattered over this area. (I know that is a stretch on analogies, but some children you have to be more firm with)

Please, let's not congratulate the Bus Driver over this when the same one or the other 98% of them will not tell young healthy indivuals to stand up and let the elderly sit down. How often do you witness this? I have witnessed where the visually impaired have had to stand up. Challenging a knucklehead is not the problem, the issue is what happens if the incident escalates, and will the good citizens join in or sit there mum?

Hey Questionable,

When an adult incessantly uses a belt on a 3-yr old who has no concept of reason and creates a contest of wills that is insane. The rest of your commentary is convoluted. I have no idea what point you are trying to make.
Harriet Tubman
Witness From the Above and Underground Railroad EL

I actually have seen a good step forward in cleanliness on Red Line cars: the floors have been sealed with some sort of epoxy. The floors are shiny and they don't seem as gross. Good idea, but now something should be done for the seats.

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