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Stranded at the airport

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In today's Ride, I interviewed a staff member for Travelers Aid at O'Hare Airport. For those of you not familiar with it, Travelers Aid assists people at airports with a variety of services, from referring people to hotels to connecting passengers with their families in other cities or states.

I got the idea after I got stranded at LAX overnight last week while trying to fly back to Atlanta with my neice. We were supposed to take the redeye, but she got bumped from the flight at the last minute, so we both ended up spending the night there. And yes, that was about as much fun as it sounds.

What about you? Have you or someone you know ever been stranded at the airport and needed help? The best tales will be published in an upcoming edition of the Ride.

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Getting stranded in Paris airport on way back,from Italy.

Coming through the terminal we had less than an hour to change planes. All the planes arrived at the same time, then you had to clear through customs, and screening, then race all the way to gate 79, which of course was at the end.

I made it to the gate, as the last bus was leaving, then spent four hours in the customers service line, while planes to other parts of the states were taking off. I figured if I got to Washington, Detroit, I could make it to Chicago. WRONG.

by the time they got to me, all the planes had left, they gave me a hotel coupon to a 2 star hotel, near the airport, and food coupons The food coupons, were for fast food, frozen in the lobby of the hotel, there was no way to call anyone, my cell didn't have international service. ( which was the first thing I did when I returned), also no one told you you have to pay your own way back to the airport in the morning, and hope to get on a plane. Suitcase, they said it had been sent, but mysteriously it was on the plane with me the next morning.

I never ever want to fly through Paris Orly airport again. It was under construction, and of course there was a language problem, and the rudeness was crazy.

The next trip to Africa I flew out of London's airport, then there was theproblem of only one carry on bag, but that was much easier than Paris.

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