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Were you there?

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Last night, thousands of CTA L riders were trapped on train cars or stranded on L platforms after power to the elevated lines in the Loop was knocked out for over an hour.

The service disruption couldn't have happened at a worse time, since July 3 is typically the CTA's busiest day, thanks to the fireworks at Grant Park and the Taste of Chicago.

Were you one of the people who got stuck? If so, tell me about it.

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I was there--on the green line train, in the car that was stopped directly on the curve of the loop. Like neva said, people were opening the doors for air and to smoke, even though the workers said that would prevent us from getting the power back. All the electricity was out, so without air conditioning it was miserable in there. We were stuck in that car for almost an hour before they finally evacuated us.

I was stuck on the platform. There was a line to get into the Jackson street station of the blue line that was out on to the street. It was raining, so I was going to be lazy and take the orange line to the blue line to stay out of the rain. I asked four different CTA employees what the problem was, and all four got snotty with me but couldn't tell me the problem.

I figured the CTA was on strike, and I didn't bother going to see if the blue line was running. It cost me $26 for a cab home. As we were going down 290, I didn't see any blue line trains running, either. I guess it was just bad timing on my part, but it seemed very suspicious at the time.

Interesting how the only two lines open were the only two that were going to survive if the CTA didn't get their funding.

yes i was stuck on the train. as soon as it went into the loop turn everything went out. It was very hot and sticky. Plus there were dumb people who opened the emergency exit door to smoke cigarettes!!!! It was already hot and muggy and they just had to smoke. Plus when we got on the bus we had to pay again!

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