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Want to get engaged on the Blue Line?

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Robbins Bros., a California-based jeweler, is looking for couples who met on the CTA and would be willing to get engaged at a Blue Line station.

The couple with the best meeting story wins $2,500 toward the purchase of an engagement ring.

Interested? If so, you can submit a 200-word essay to A winner will be chosen within the next three to four weeks, a Robbins Bros. rep said.

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I found love on a two-way street while catching the no.3 king drive bus,it was july 5 I was leaving the taste of chicago.the streets were filled with people,and i was looking for the quickest way home.there were several buses to chose from,but i ended up chosing the king drive route because its closest to my house.I went to the taste with the Intentions on hearing some great music,and Destressing after ending a 5year Relationship and ended up meeting the woman of my Dreams.As I got on the bus i happened to make Eye contact with a very Attractive woman,and Boldly Decided to set myself down next to her and strike up a conversation.We chatted up until she Reached her stop.We both were smitten with each other right from the start,and both knew we had better do something before the other left the bus,so we both had the Idea to pull out a Business card and extended it to each other.The very next day I decided to surprise her and take her to lunch,but she was swamped at work,anyway she was very surprised by my appearance, since I looked totally casual the previous day.we talked that night for hours on end,had our first date,survived,and are hoping to get married as soon as we can.yes you can find love on the cta......Im sure Glad I did!

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