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Stupid human tricks on the road

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Sun-Times reporter Leslie Baldacci had a story today about some of the bone-headed driving moves she's seen on Chicago-area streets. Have any more you'd like to add to her list?

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Instead of deriding others for their driving habits, I will speak of my exploits of the five items listed on Ms Baldacci list.

The Left Block? If Leslie is speaking on how a driver must at times pull out into oncoming traffic from the left to get an opening into the traffic coming from the right! GUILTY! (But with a good reason. A driver can sit at an outlet for a long time before traffic ever slows to a crawl to allow the individual to preceed safely.) But I do not drive willy-nilly in shopping mall lots. Matter of fact an old girlfriend would get angry when I parked the farthest from the mall entrance because I felt the people Ms. Baldacci is speaking about are the ONES WHO BANG, DENT and SCRATCH YOUR CAR DOOR UP TRYING TO HURRY UP AND GET TO SEE the "Wheel of Fortune!"....*

The Straddle? INNOCENT! I am not that impatient, and I would call what I do the Mini-Straddle. Pass by the double-parked vehicle as closely as I can without going into oncoming traffic. It is not worth the heart-attack and cursing!

The Two-Fer? INNOCENT! I had to re-read this one! simply view this individual as a knuckleheaded dare-devil or a complete idiot! Yes, I know it is a bit much especially when not thinking anyone is supposed to be to the right of you when turning, but I let it go.

The Right Squeeze? GUILTY (but in years gone by) This is a Testosterone thing! (though lately I see a hell of a lot women doing it now) I done it as a youth! It is not something I would do now! It has to do with a racer's mentalilty. In other words, in my small mind, I have all this horsepower and my maneuverability is better than yours SUCKER! ZOOM, ZOOM! Thank goodness I never hit anyone or another car!!

The Siren Call? INNOCENT This was an easy one! I simply back off and let everyone else rush to the stop light which is ahead some where within the next one to three blocks and then pull in.

This would give me a 60% rating! I just passed! whew! No wonder insurance rates are higher for men, but women are catching up though!

Here's a bone-headed move related to Leslie's "The Two-Fer": Since when did making a right turn from a lane other than a right lane become acceptable? The drivers who do this don’t care that they may be blocking drivers in their lane who want to go straight through the intersection, plus it's an accident waiting to happen if the drivers in the right lane want to proceed through the intersection, and they're faced with a car careening in front of them from the left.

Here's another one: What about drivers who, when approaching a "Right Lane Ends 500 Yards” sign, speed by all the drivers who have moved to the left. And when they reach the closed right lane, they bully their way in to the left lane.

One more: There are few things more frustrating that being at a red light in the left lane, which is not a left-turn-only lane, behind a driver who does not put on his/her left turn signal until the light turns green. There always seems to be a lot of traffic when this happens.

The nastiest one of them all. The one that ties up innocent drivers worse than anything. It occurs all the time on the northbound Kennedy where it breaks off with the Edens. Traffic in the right lanes before the junction waits until just before it to head into the left lanes to stay on the Kennedy -- often just at the junction itself, sitting on the white lines and forcing their way in. Meanwhile, traffic that is trying to get on the Edens is blocked off from moving ahead.

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