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My worst nightmare

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This lady is lucky to be alive:

A woman was injured late Friday night when she was struck by a Red Line train in the Edgewater neighborhood, authorities said.

The incident happened shortly before midnight at the Berwyn Avenue Red Line station, according to Chicago Transit Authority spokeswoman Wanda Taylor.

The woman, who reportedly had been drinking, apparently fell onto the tracks accidentally, police News Affairs Officer Amina Greer said.

She was on the southbound tracks when she was struck by the train, Taylor said. The woman was taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center.

A Lincoln District police officer said the woman was "OK" and "had minor injuries."

Following the incident, power was shut off on the Red Line between the Wilson and Thorndale stations for about an hour, Taylor said.

No other CTA customers were injured in the incident, according to Taylor.

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I was not minorly injured; I will be in the hospital for two weeks yet and go through months of physical therapy. My foot was mangled, but miraculously I only lost my toes. My foot would be gone if the train had run over it. It seems that the train must merely have grabbed my flip-flop.

Only minor injuries? Wow, that's something new. The train must have seen her ahead of time and slowed down.

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