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Keeping an eye on bad bus drivers

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The CTA plans to test a new recording device on its buses that would keep tabs on unsafe bus operators. Read more here.

CTA President Ron Huberman also acknowledged that the CTA needs to work on its communication skills when things go wrong. Huberman was referring to the service disruptions on July 3 and July 7. But the same criticisms were leveled at the CTA after last year's Blue Line derailment, which happened a year ago today.

The CTA says it will review its emergency response plans and also plan to send additional personnel to trains stuck between stations, so that riders are kept more informed about what's going on. The CTA will also launch a hotline that would allow employees to report problems to management without having to worry about action being taken against them.

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well one day i got mooned by jack moorehouse when i was driving my car to work. the bus driver had no control over none of the kids on the bus including him. he then flopped his snake out of his pants then tried to turkey slap the girl next to him.

Ms Thomas, would you please ask Mr Huberman to send the word down to his subordinates about telling drivers who pull into stations which are used for multiple routes which run EAST, WEST, NORTH and SOUTH? There are buses where the driver does not change the sign to display which way they are going? I refuse to believe drivers forget to change the sign when returning in the opposite direction.

I mean come on, all they have to do when pulling into the end of the line, is think "oh, let me change the sign", if they smoke or need a restroom break that is understandable, but to simply forget to put the correct sign up is be plain laziness. Also, if pulling into a stop such as Archer & Halsted, why can't the #8 driver simply say Northbound or Southbound? This is not too much to ask for.

Has any riders been asked "Can't you read the sign?" And it is the wrong one up there!

I literally have seen blind people in the winter put on the wrong bus because CTA personnel will not ask the proper question, elderly people become confused because their mind is not sharp as it used to be and left in the heat and cold!

Two questions: Are you going East or West? North or South? Automatically if going east or west the latter does not get asked.

Just one more small one: What number bus are you catching?

This is not a complaint. Simply remember you work with the public and when you do get a hello or a smile, it is because we - THE RIDERS - know some of your days are not always pleasant ones. Just say hello and return the smile CTA personnel.

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