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Close Encounters of the Weird Kind

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Today's Ride had tales from the CTA Tattler about a Bridezilla on the L and a man who danced a jig and cackled like a madman for 15 minutes straight.

Who's the strangest character you've encountered on the L?

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Seriously, I am not being sarcastic, but aren't most encounters on CTA 'el' & buses weird in some format or another? I find it weird when people act like they're asleep and do not want you to sit next to them, and at the very next stop a woman gets on and they wake up all of a sudden, as though she wants to sit next to them....grinning

I find it weird people feel comfortable putting their feet in the empty seat next to you, and think something is wrong with you for requesting that they move them.

Have you ever sat in the seat by the door and have someone put their foot/feet up by the window near your head as though that is a perfectly normal thing to do?

How about the individual who puts their bag in one seat away from them, but take up two seats as though they are at home in their living room.

I remember once being with an ex-lady friend and we entered the el car and grocery bags were in all the back seats except for one. She sat down but I am noticing only one person sitting there with nothing in their hands, I asked "Are these your groceries?" They stated "No". I preceded to pick one of the bags up and move it where it would be two in one seat, ALL of SUDDEN they jumped up and if not for the woman I was with it would have been a fight over a seat.

You want more fasinating tales? What about the guy who has a carry on suitcase on wheels who goes from car to car selling "God knows what!", but think it is perfectly okay to impede the moment of silence or prayer time that you are seeking. And do this daily, but the police can't seem to catch him. I think there is a payoff going on. How the hell you do not notice the same person daily with dragging a suitcase? (okay maybe he is homeless)

Have you ever had a person put their hand literally in your face while reading a book to sell you a DVD, CD, Perfumed Oils?

Majority of people reading this will think this is nothing, just every day life in the big city. No it is NOT! Would you like for me to do these things to you, the Reader & Ms Thomas?

I was not on the L but i was on the cta 49b. it was packed and there was this guy with head phones on, dancing jumping up and down mid-section in everyones face. when the man finally got off the bus he recived a standing ovation

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