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Airport security firm raises eyebrows

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The Southtown had this story today about the City Council raising questions about the firm hired to handle security at O'Hare and Midway.

Think aldermen are right to be concerned? Are you?

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31.3 million dollars for five years? I could be doing my math incorrectly, but that comes to about $3009.60 per man hour which at an average of $12 an hour will get you 250 guards or 83 guards per shift for a 24 hour period. Hmmm...

People, this message is not about the immediate topic - Airport Security - which is very important, but deals with Bicyclists and Motorists.

I saw an accident between a person on a bike and a SUV, while riding the CTA bus the other day. To the people who ride bicycles remember if you hearing SIRENS for EMERGENCY VEHICLES & POLICE CARS, FIRE TRUCKS that means you MUST PULL OVER as well! Do NOT, please do NOT continue through an intersection when hearing sirens.

To summarize the incident, the SUV was stuck in the left turning lane and had to move out of the way. Obviously they were aware of the Siren, but the person on the bicycle was oblivious in trying to speed across the intersection. The SUV struck the cyclist and prayerfully when they hit the ground they bounced backed up. They had neither a helmet or any other padding to cushion their fall. The SUV driver was shocked because they darn near pulled up on the sidewalk NOT only to allow the police car to get by but to keep from driving over the cyclist who was in the street. Understand the cyclist is now out of side of the SUV driver!

Everything came out well, but the cyclist was quite frighten because they jumped up quickly to get out of the street with other oncoming vehicles headed in their direction. The people checked on one another and then went their way.

I just want people who ride bicyles and motorcycles (considering the number of fatalities lately) as well to understand, a tap from a car's bump will send you flying into the air and with no head gear on the cyclist will have serious head injuries.

STOP WHEN HEARING THE SIREN! Cyclists, YOU DO NOT know which way the driver of the car is going to get out of the way of emergency vehicles. Do not take chances, stop and let traffic clear and proceed on your journey!

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