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Where the bike lanes are....

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Chicago's getting it's first colored bike lanes. The green pavement markings are supposed to highlight areas where bike and car traffic merge, in an attempt to prevent collisions between the two.

The lanes are going in at nine locations near busy intersections. The last of them should be installed by next month.

Here's where they'll be:
Dearborn at Chicago (northbound approach)
Elston at Division (northbound and southbound approach)
Halsted at Roosevelt (southbound approach)
Lincoln at Webster (southbound approach)
Milwaukee at Augusta (southbound approach)
Roosevelt at Damen (eastbound and westbound approach)
Warren at Ogden (eastbound approach)

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Its, please, not it's. If you can substitute it is, you need the apostrophe. If not, you don't.

"or slow down for yellow lights as pedestrians try to cross the street." ???

Why would pedestrians be crossing against the light or not waiting for the walk signal? Starting to cross the street when the light hasn't changed is asking to get hit...Could be by a biker, a car or a rollerblader.

Could you please write a blog entry about pedestians versus bi-cyclists. I notice they are dangerous as drivers who do not stop for red lights, or slow down for yellow lights as pedestrians try to cross the street.

How many people have been hit by someone riding a bi-cycle?

I know we need more people riding them, but there is an imminent danger as an indidivual walking down the street. Just wondering. Maybe I walk too slow or something.

After hearing of Ald. Ed 'Killjoy' Burke's suggestion to have people driving into the downtown area charged a toll and trying to have red-light detectors banned in Chicago, I thought he missed a few money makers for the city of Chicago.

Why hasn't Ald. 'Killjoy' suggested charging a fee to people to have their image put on the Crowd Fountain in Millennium Park. And, possibly having people pay a park district or city employee to have a picture taken of their image.

What's next for Ald. 'Killjoy'? Requiring bicycle owners to buy a license to ride on the streets of Chicago? An entrance fee to the lakefront area? A fee for businesses to sell 'Chicago-style' hot dogs?

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